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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Update on the old folks!


We just got back from the appointment at the Skin Cancer treatment place. The procedure is never a big deal, as far as time spent or even pain endured; the main thing is-will they get it all! They say they did!! They had to take skin from the other side of his face for a skin graft for the ear that was cut on! And the bad thing for C. is that he won't be able to do anything for a few days-nor take a shower or get that area wet for a week! Another thing that will be hard for him is trying to sleep with bandages on both sides of his face...because he has to sleep with a sleep app mask on his face!
All in all, though, GOOD-yes??

While we were over that way (about an hour's drive from home) we decided to go to Stumpknocker's at Inverness for a late lunch! (again!!) It was good, but we agreed we might want to lay off those places for awhile. LOL-We've had a LOT of catfish meals in the past month! It IS good, though!

We spent a little time also in an antique shop around the corner from the restaurant. Neat stuff in there! Charles bought me a couple of little elves from 1955! Cute little guys to go with 3 that I already have!

Anyway, just wanted to update on Charles for all the family and friends who were concerned! All seems good at this point!



At 6:06 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Jay has a c pap machine so I have some idea of what a pain it must be for Charles. Drake is very handsome. Please wish your eldest grandson a Happy Birthday for us. Momma


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