Junie's Place: Happy St. Patrick's Day

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day




Once again our Corned Beef dinner turned out very good!

Joy-our daughter-in-law- was the only one to eat with us! Chris had to work...

Tina also worked but she and Dan were here later for some corned beef and cabbage!


I'll be making my corned beef and cabbage a little later! I bet many of you, my friends, will be doing the same!

This was our St. Patrick's meal a couple years ago.


Enjoy your day

(...green haired lady! :) )

Junie Rose

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At 1:13 PM , Blogger Donna said...

Looks Good Junie!
Happy Saint Patricks Day to you!!

At 1:16 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

:) same back to ya, Donna!

haha- (the green hair pic!!)



At 8:58 PM , Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Luv your green hair Junie. Only you would be brave enough to do it. hahaha

At 9:53 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

:) WELL-have to admit it looks pretty cool ! hahahah

At 10:42 PM , Blogger Carletta said...

A green haired lady in rose colored glasses!! You're pretty cool Junie!
Hope you had a wonderful St. Paddy's day!

At 10:53 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

:) Thanks, Carletta.

Yes, we had a very nice day and dinner. Hope you did too.

At 11:20 PM , Blogger Joy Des Jardins said...

I love that picture of you with green hair...looks kind of retro.

Corned beef and cabbage...oh that looks so good Junie. I haven't had that in a long time. Hope your St. Paddy's Day was great. Hugs, Joy

At 1:09 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Joy,

Thanks! (about my green hair! :) )

Yes, we had a good day-and the dinner was fine! I love corned beef but don't fix it often.

At 9:17 PM , Blogger dot said...

haha. Love the green hair!

At 9:44 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

:) Thanks, Dot!

(crazy old lady likes to have fun!!)



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