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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

They're baaack!! (The Halloween Gang)


Although a little later than usual, they did make it back again this time, and they seem to be settled in for the next few days...

I had got the word out that I did not want them here on my main blog...that I wanted to use THIS blog more for music and flowers and the more gentle side of life... but here they are, nonetheless!!

Oh, well, perhaps I can persuade them to move over to my crafts/collectibles blog after  a short stay here...We'll see!


Just as I expected... Miss Pumpkin Head  turned up in witch's garb and is quite cozy with the other witches as these pics show. They even found her a cape and broom to use. I didn't actually see her fly in on the broom but I assume she must have!

Mr. Pumpkin Clown  seems ok with this - or maybe just resigned to it- since there's nothing he can do about it, after all! The kid, too, is all smiles! I didn't even know there was a kid involved - but there he is!

The pretty witch still seems in charge of the other old crones...who seem in awe of her beauty.  It's beyond me to understand why a beauty like this one would  choose to be a 'Halloween Witch.'

Who's to know what lies in the hearts of  witches or what forces drive them?
(not I, for sure)

 I see the gourd witch, Wynona, is here also, with her group of little folk. This witch never hangs out with the other witches and seems to be in charge of this group of trolls.

They are more comical in appearance than scary, even in their Halloween costumes! Well-actually-some chose to wear only their birthday suits, I see!
Sadly, anything goes these days! :{

I see the front entrance  has some late arrivals, too, in addition to Freddy Kruger who was the first to show this year!

A couple of happy pumpkin guys are on the front shelf, bravely smiling, even in the presence of the notorious Freddy!

I suppose it's always a good thing to put on a happy face- even in a potentially dangerous situation.

The ones in the opposite corner from Freddy also seem to be bracing up to the intimidating,
Freddy Kruger!

(Just don't go to sleep, you guys!)
I see all the regulars have made it again.  Although I have grown accustomed to this bunch over the years and  am somewhat  accepting of them, I still find it a bit unnerving when they all start with their eerie sound effects- designed for the one purpose of  scaring the socks off old ladies and small children! There are no small kiddies in this house any more so I have to surmise it is me they are trying to scare!

   Maybe they just don't get it, though!

This is Junie Rose they are dealing with - one who has read scary tales all her life and thrives on scary movies. I have even read all of their own stories.....
SOOOO....give it your best shot-youse guys; I'm up for it!

Now, THAT'S scary!

(...and I didn't know they had a political bone in their bodies!)


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At 11:11 PM , Blogger Mary said...

Wow You will need to borrow a broom from one of those old gals to sweep everyone out on November first my dear!

At 8:23 AM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...


:) True-I will! I can handle it!


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