Junie's Place: Weekend Reflections & Shadow Shot Sunday _10-24-10

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend Reflections & Shadow Shot Sunday _10-24-10


This week I'm combining  my Shadow Shots and my Reflections!

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Lots of cool  
shadows and reflections going on at our place this Halloween month!

My 3 cats are warming up to this visitor ~ the little stray I have named 'Goldie.'   Here are my cats sharing their dinner with her in the late  afternoon shadows of my back yard this week. I still have not gained her trust enough to touch her  :(  although I can get within 5-6 ft of her... and she likes sleeping in my porch each night. 


This Halloween visitor stands near my entrance doors. I liked his reflection in the mirror...seems a little less intimidating than  in a full size close up picture!

My poodle guard dog  sits on the opposite side by the windows next to the double entrance doors.  He (brave doggie) seems ok with Freddy-  He must know Freddy is only passing through!
I like the shadows and reflections around the poodle and fall leaves  next to him!

Happy Autumn! 

Junie Rose

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At 9:50 PM , Blogger Anvilcloud said...

I guess if you're going to be a scared, outdoor cat that Florida beats Canada hands down.

At 10:37 AM , Blogger Alli said...

Goldie adds yet another beautiful color to your cat collection. lol I love seeing them all eating together like that. :)

At 10:58 AM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Alli-

YES!! Goldie is a pretty little one, isn't she! I wish she'd let me be her 'human' so I could take care of her better...but Progress has been made, at least with the other cats!

Love you,


At 11:01 AM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...


Here at our country home is a perfect place for cats, with lots of covered areas for them to hang out. (even if I never tame Goldie she at least with have good food every day and a place to sleep and hang out with the cats.)


At 11:10 AM , Blogger PEA said...

Be patient and Goldie will eventually let you pet her...remember the strays I used to feed, it took up to a year to gain their trust:-)

I think I'd have heart failure to see Freddy reflected in the mirror! LOL xoxo


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