Junie's Place: Today's Flowers-May 22, 2011-Magnolias

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Today's Flowers-May 22, 2011-Magnolias



The magnolia trees around our town have been spectacular this time.  The one tree I have in my yard, however, hasn't had a lot of blooms, and they are mostly high up in the tree so that I haven't been able to get many pictures!  I got lucky today and found a couple of blooms  that I could  photograph.
No flowering tree is more representative of the south than the magnificent Magnolia.


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At 7:08 PM , Anonymous Carletta said...

Lovely light and shadow play in your photos Junie!
The magnolia tree is so pretty with its shiny leaves and big blooms but it can get messy. :)

At 7:21 PM , Blogger SquirrelQueen said...

This Georgia girl loves to see southern Magnolias, they are so beautiful. Here we have lots of Star Magnolias and while they are very pretty they just aren't the same as the southern one.

At 8:22 PM , OpenID jdjaws said...

I love magnolias!

At 10:29 PM , Blogger Mountain Mama said...

YOur blossoms are just lovely. I have never seen a Magnolia tree but have heard the flowers are very fragrant.

At 7:54 AM , Anonymous janet palmer-bone said...

Hi Junie! I made it! Amazing photographs!! You can almost "smell" the magnolias!! Such an incredibly "perfect" flower!! Have a wonderful day!!!! Janet

At 9:22 AM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Thanks, ladies!

I'll get around with visits soon!....LOL- or see some of you on FB!


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