Junie's Place: Midweek Blues_July 11, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Midweek Blues_July 11, 2012



Yesterday I got this for my baby grandson, Drake!
Now don't laugh at me!!  :) 

I know he's only a 2 month old baby boy...and this was in the 'back to school' supplies ...but it's a really neat  metal collectible Spiderman lunch box!

 I know Drake will follow in his dad's and his grownup cousins' footsteps in the love of  Marvel Super heroes!

This little box can hold his first super hero guys!!





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At 10:05 PM , Blogger Carletta said...

I have a collection of metal lunch boxes and I think starting Drake out with one is a fine idea Junie!
Sounds like you are having a 'grand' old time babysitting. :)

At 9:52 AM , Blogger Carol said...

What a great find! And little Drake is a doll!

At 7:55 PM , Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Our JJ is enthralled with super heroes, with spider man at the top of the list.


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