Junie's Place: Friday's Fences~Aug 10, 2012- Suwannee River

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Fences~Aug 10, 2012- Suwannee River


This is part of a fence at a park next to the Suwannee River in north Florida. This Park and this river scene is located near a town named "Old Town." 
We stopped here on our return home from visiting relatives in Milton a couple years ago.
Beyond this fence were  steps that led downward to the river and an observation deck!
It was a lovely place to stop for awhile to enjoy the beauty of nature and the river.

 (click on pic to enlarge)

The Suwannee River (also spelled Suwanee River) is a major river of southern Georgia and northern Florida in the United States. It is a wild blackwater river, about 246 miles (396 km) long.[1] The Suwannee River is the site of the prehistoric Suwanee Straits which separated peninsular Florida from the panhandle.

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At 5:48 PM , Blogger Sally said...

Love that Junie!

Every time we used to go over to W. Fla. we'd always sing the song!!

And, I'm sure I've told you that my parents were married in Milton in l941. :)

At 6:00 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Sally,

Yes, I remember your connections with Milton.

My connections are 2 of Charles' sisters have lived there since the early 5o's (I'm guessing) Numerous nieces and nephews there. You may have noticed Kathy on my FB list-She's the one who makes the driftwood santas!

At 6:01 PM , Blogger Jan n Jer said...

Ok...now you got me humming that tune! Nice shot of the famous river!

At 6:55 PM , Blogger Beth said...

wow, that is a great view. (:

At 7:46 PM , Blogger lorik said...

I am singing it too! Lovely image -and is that called "angel's hair"? I visited Louisiana once and remember being fascinated with that growth coming down from the trees.

At 10:22 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

That hanging from the trees is called
Spanish Moss.

Thanks to all for looking!! :)

At 12:33 AM , Blogger Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Lovely photo!


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