Junie's Place: Pink Saturday-Pink Spring!! (4-6-13)

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Pink Saturday-Pink Spring!! (4-6-13)

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Yesterday was another really BEAUTIFUL spring day for us here in north Florida!

Since I didn't need to watch Drakey, Charles and I decided to go out! We went for breakfast then we hit some yard sales around town! You never know what you might find! :) I found some cool 'dolls,' among other things! Love finding things I like for a good price! (NOT that I needed more dolls-some might say!!!) But it's the little things in life that adds the fun part!!

Before we started out, though, we checked out the meadow. It's looking good! This is one of my favorite spots in my world and what I most love about our spring!!

Some pics of our beautiful little corner of the world! :)
~~OK-lots of Pinks and also LOTS of reds!!~~


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At 11:13 AM , Blogger Carletta said...

I always love seeing your meadow Junie - a lovely spot!


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