Junie's Place: Happy Birthday Marc!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Marc!

Happy Birthday Marc!

Wish you were here!

( Marc is my Computer Guy ~ Son-in-Law )

Ginga says...

"BTW, Marc... next time you're home I think I'll need to replace my old scanner and INSTALL a new one..... ;) so, hurry on home!"

Love and Happy Birthday to you!


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At 7:22 PM , Blogger Fred said...

I love the new photo up there. It's excellent!

Send Marc my way when he's not busy. I need help trying to figure out how a Mac works. And, Happy birthday to him!

At 7:41 PM , Blogger Judy said...

Happy Birthday Marc! Like the picture of the truck. I had a birthday this weekend, too, but I say I am not having them anymore. lol.

At 9:46 PM , Blogger Margie's Musings said...

Happy Birthday, Marc! I have a son who is an IT with General Dynamics so I get help every once in awhile myself.

At 9:50 PM , Blogger Susie said...

Happy Birthday to Marc!
He sounds like a very talented guy :)

At 2:04 AM , Blogger Carletta said...

Happy Birthday to Marc!
I loved the not so subtle hint you needed a new scanner!

At 5:37 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Fred,

Happy you like the Fall Header!

(Wish I could see the Fall color this year- but- no way!)

:) Marc IS a good Mac guy to have around! Problem is- he's not home a lot these days!


At 5:42 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Judy!

Well-Happy Birthday to you! Yes-I'd just as soon not count my birthdays anymore! haha... High numbers, I'm reaching!!!


At 5:44 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...






I appreciate all your visits.

LOL- YES-Carletta...Hope he takes the hink that I'll be needing his help when he gets home again! haha


At 11:25 PM , Blogger PEA said...

Happy Birthday to Marc:-) Isn't it nice to have your very own personal computer guy? hehe xoxo

At 11:53 PM , Anonymous Marc said...

Thanks to all that wished me a Happy Birthday. It has meant so much.


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