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Friday, May 29, 2009

More about 4 0'clocks~

Since there was some interest in my 'Four O'clock' flower post yesterday, I'm doing a follow-up on this flower today.

Actually, I was curious , myself, about the
Wild 4 O'clocks AND the
Garden varieties, so I did some searching. ( Also here and here)

~~Check the links for lots of interesting info and pictures!~~


I've always liked these little flowers and was happy when we moved here to see that they came up, wild, in various spots of our property! They grow along our property line and also in the little garden area in back of my house.

This garden is in remembrance of my mom so it's very fitting that they are growing here! The 4 O'clock was one of Mom's favorites - as it is mine, also!

I have never had the ones developed for the garden- only the wild kind!
Here are some more pics of my very own 4 O'clocks from my mom's garden ~ this little country flower that blooms only from late afternoon and onward through the night!
(It also blooms on very gloomy, overcast, days!)

These little flowers make me smile...especially the unpredictable color combinations you get from flower to flower ~ as you will see in my pictures here. I suppose to keep your true, solid, colors the plants would need to be kept separate in the planting areas, but mine are yellow next to dark pink so I often see the mixed up blooms, as shown here! :) I like them that way!

The light pink one has grown up away from the others and I DO want to keep that one separate! Isn't that a delicate little flower?

And these flowers have a heavenly fragrance!


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At 4:55 PM , Blogger Donna said...

These are such sweet little flowers!!hughugs

At 8:14 AM , Blogger Mary said...

An interesting and informative entry Junie. I had forgotten about Four-O-clocks!


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