Junie's Place: Camera Critters-June 26, 2010-a green visitor

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Camera Critters-June 26, 2010-a green visitor


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This was a visitor at our place recently!

I like these little guys and only see them occasionally, so any chance encounter is a treat for me.

Do you know this guy?

He was in such a hurry,
I didn't get a chance to get his name!

Junie Rose

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At 7:18 PM , Blogger Carletta said...

Ahhh, it must be Kermit! :)

(Carletta's Captures)

At 11:35 PM , Blogger Denise said...

I think he's lovely, great photos Junie Rose.

If you have time to stop by, my Camera Critter’s post is right here.

At 7:50 AM , Blogger This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Junie: Neat capture of the little fellow looking for a kiss.


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