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Friday, December 10, 2010

...seems to happen this way


...seems to happen this way almost every year...

Started yesterday with a very sore throat and today I feel awful all over!

...Two weeks before Christmas and I have yet to get my tree up and all my decorating of the house done... and also still have a lot of shopping I need to do plus all the wrapping of gifts... and writing out my Christmas cards...as well as baking ... and the list goes on and on!!

I've decided I have to just put things on hold at least for a day or two...

Hey-it could be worse...one year I fell and broke a wrist while stringing lights at the windows...another year I came down with neuropathy  shortly before Christmas which put me down for 3 months!

So how are things going with you all?

Junie Rose

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At 7:08 PM , Blogger Sally said...

Junie, I hope you feel better soon, girl! Now I know why you understood about the neuropathy! I'm taking a new prescription since Tuesday; the dr said it should help in about a week. I'm not complaining, but it will feel SO good to be able to walk again without that pain.

Take care. Love ya!!

At 7:58 PM , Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Take it easy on yourself. You don't have to do it all this year just because you usually do it all.

At 8:34 PM , Blogger Mary said...

Take it easy Junie you still have time. As for me things are coming together slowly. I'll be back to check on you!

At 10:58 PM , Blogger PEA said...

Oh dear, I do hope you feel better real soon. Makes me wish I lived near you, I'd come over and help you with everything:-) You should have the girls over this weekend and have a decorating party!! I'm pretty much done with the Christmas preparations, only a few gift cards and stocking stuffers left to buy. xoxo

At 9:31 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Junie, So sorry you are ill at Christmas. Hopefully, you will feel better before the actual day. Please be careful and don't fall again, too. Love your music. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for coming by the other day, too.

At 10:19 AM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Thanks, friends!

I'm having to take it easy ...hoprfully I'll be able to get back to normal in time....


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