Junie's Place: Horse Fever-2 ( Tina and Mom (June) checking out the horses)

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Horse Fever-2 ( Tina and Mom (June) checking out the horses)


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(more on Horse Fever 2011)

On Thursday evening, Marion County got its first official glimpse of the second wave of Horse Fever, as six of the 27 vividly decorated horses were unveiled on the Ocala downtown square.

June Kellum added 5 new photos to the album October 2, 2011.
 Today Tina and I went out to see some of the horses that are on display around our town. We saw about half of them and hope to catch them all before they are auctioned off in March.

This is one of the horses we saw today.  I was impressed with this one!

"Freedom Is Not Free,"
by artist Linda Happel Zysko.
( All views of above mentioned horse)


Junie Rose

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