Junie's Place: Barn Charm_May 23, 2012_ Alabama barn in Mud Bottom

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Barn Charm_May 23, 2012_ Alabama barn in Mud Bottom



This is a barn in north Alabama
 ( Mud Bottom area-near the Elk River) 
where my husband grew up.
  It was a neighbor's barn and holds many fond memories for Charles, of times spent hanging out with his brothers and friends here.

 To a country kid,  in those bygone times, a barn like this was a cool place to spend  your leisure time.

This picture is one of many I have taken
 of this barn over the years. 
It amazes me that so many barns in the south are still standing and , in many cases, are still in use. This one in particular is still in good shape...to be 100 years old or older!

I wonder if farm kids of today still  enjoy the simple pleasures of time spent  in and around old barns like this.

I hope they do!


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At 11:43 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful shot! Love the red barn, esp the shape of it, rusted roof, fence, field, and that sky! Niiice!

Thanks so much for joining =)


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