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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Face Book post-Bird invasion at Junie's Place

June Kellum
(posted on FB)
Oh, my gosh!! For the 3rd time in recent weeks, tonight after dinner I discover a BIRD flying around in my house!!! It's one of those that sometime nest in chimneys... I assume..a small blackish/brownish bird! OK-It flew into the dining room and was perched on a picture...so I left the room to tell C. and, hopefully, get some help from him! By the time I got back it was gone...I can't find it!!!

Have had 2 encounters before and the first time was able to get the bird to fly out the door-The other time I found a DEAD bird entangled in my lace curtains in the living room!!!

I'm baffled because I had secured the screen of the fireplace and thought it couldn't happen again!!! BUT it has!!! :( WOE is me!!! What am I to do? :(
Some comments:
  •  Bev:
     Do you have a hungry cat?
  • June Kellum ‎:) that's an idea-My Lucy has been known to catch birds....but I wouldn't have the heart to do that... It's weird and I certainly don't feel up to dealing with this , after a long day of grocery shopping!!
  •   Sally:
    June Kellum If I only had a net I'd have some hope of capturing it....but I don't have a net!
     A cat will find it....just sayin'.
  • June Kellum Sally- "Yikes!" describes it well!!...to make things worse, C. is not doing well right now-(has been bad with his back trouble for weeks) so I can't expect help from him...he can barely walk. :( I'll do what I can... IF I even see it again tonight...and if I can't get it I will fall back on my mom's favorite prayer....The Serenity Prayer.
  • June Kellum Pat, I know....my cat is a good hunter too... but I hate to do that :(... I HATE this!
  • Pat:
    I know how you feel. I chased a bird around the office once with a broom because even though I opened the windows and the doors it insisted upon flying around inside the office. I hope you find the source of where it is getting in also. Remember it is just a bird...now if it were a snake I would pack my bags and find a hotel!

  • Brenda:
    I hope he/she is not making a nest. :-)
  • June Kellum Yes, Pat-just a bird....but remember Hitchcock's movie-'The Birds?" :)
  • June Kellum Brenda, I think it fell out of a nest, high up in the chimney!
  • June Kellum Well, I tacked sheets up on the 2 doorway openings to the living/dining rooms... so it will be confined to those rooms...I saw it again but lost sight of it again. (hoping it didn't fly out without me knowing-into the other rooms or up the stairs... :( Tomorrow we will have to take the screens off the windows (8 windows!!!!) and get it out-I hope!!! Just hope it's where I think it is...those 2 rooms! Meanwhile- I'm giving up for tonight! Dallas will be coming on soon! Gotta check that out- in spite of my bird invasion!!
    ...And -nothing has changed!!
    Any ideas?
     Junie Rose

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At 7:34 AM , Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Is the screen you speak of on the top of the chimney? Is that where they're getting in? Good luck.

At 1:09 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...


The screen I speak of is the one in front of the fireplace. They are coming down that way, I'm sure. We will have to get a screen over the top but not possible right now-C. is not able to do anything with his back problem. Also-have to make sure there's not more birds ( or bats) in the chimney before closing it up!

Meanwhile-I've not seen the bird at all today. I have those 2 rooms secure with the sheets I put up.....but I'm sooo frustrated!!! :(



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