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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Saved by Mom

Today I went searching through some old pics and other bits and pieces of our life!

What I was looking for was a picture of Zach at about age 3, with one of his earlier 'Mittens Kittens!' I looked in all the albums of that time period that I could find but, alas, I did not find the right album!

...although I saw the picture not long ago and thought of scanning it then for later use, but didn't!
...It's a very cute picture of my youngest grandson-and one of his earlier 'Mittens!' At the time, though, I hadn't thought I'd be doing posts on Zach's cats! :)

Oh! I DO wish I could get more organized here! :(


Anyway, while searching through my photos and other stuff, I came across this neat drawing that my daughter did in an art class many years ago.

I hope she won't mind me using it!

It's just a rough drawing on onionskin paper...not sure if it's watercolor, or colored pens. (I am not into art work-except with pencil sketches )
I have no idea what the subject/assignment was for this but I always thought it was so cool looking!

I saved it when she would have thrown it away!

I LOVE it!


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At 8:22 PM , Blogger PEA said...

Lol I don't know how many times I've done that...see pictures, put them aside for later use and then can't find them again! Wow that drawing your daughter had done is quite something....my first thought was some kind of monster wearing an apron! lol Such precious memories!! xox

At 8:51 PM , Blogger JunieRose said...


;) yes I like that drawing a lot...but it's from my daughter's Jr. college days, I think-(not exactly sure)

It's just some kind of fantasy creature, I think.


At 12:35 AM , Blogger Merle said...

Hi june ~~ It takes a lot of effort to get organised when we get older!!
If we manage to get a little bit done, see the results, it should make
us do some more. I am trying to get
less cluttered around here. Is your
daughter into monsters ? - it's a bit strange, but clever and a lot of work
Thank you June for your good wishes for my health. I think it will be OK.
Take care, Love, Merle.

At 8:04 AM , Blogger JunieRose said...

Thanks for coming Merle.

Yes, as we get older evwrything is a little harder-I'm finding that out.

;) not sure about the drawing...probably was a specific assignment from the art teacher in the class.
I like it-the way she used the color and shapes.



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