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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Those old guys~

These guys old?

Read a review of 'The Who' Tampa concert here!


This was the sky in Tampa, just after sunset, the night of the concert!
No matter what's happening, my eyes are drawn to the beauty of the sky!


OK~OK~ I'm trying hard to come down and get back to normal after my WHO experience!
Be patient! I'll be fine! ;)

~~~spent one more evening of WHO talk and viewing of videos- so now plan to get back to a more normal Junie Rose kind of life!~~~


Tomorrow we are going to Panama City for a visit at our nephew's house to see Odell (Charles' bro) once more before his return home to Alabama.
Looking forward to the daytime visit with them ~ Caesar, Tiffany and their little girl and Odell.

We will probably get a motel for the night ( not drive all the way home) and, hopefully, will catch a pretty sunset!


It's a fine day here in Florida!
Hope to get out a little later to enjoy this beautiful spring day!


Enjoy yer life! ~ Love, JUNIE

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At 7:54 PM , Blogger PEA said...

What an excellent review they got from that news agency!! I hadn't seen pictures of Roger Daltrey in years...he certainly is still looking good!! (whistles hehe) It's really rather amazing to see these "old" rockers still performing on stage...who would have thought that bands like the Who, The Rolling Stones, etc, would still be performing in their 50's and 60's!! Have fun in Panama City tomorrow and have a great visit:-) Love the sunset pic!! xox

At 8:08 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Pea,

Yes- Roger still looks pretty good, ehh?

I was just so amazed at how good they are in concert!
I'm soooo happy I got to see them!


I expect we will have a very nice time tomorrow- It's about a 5 hour drive so we plan to leave very early- stay a few hours then start back and catch the sunset across the Gulf of Mexico before stopping for the night somewhere!



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