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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

St. Augustine ~ some random scenes

St. Augustine

Country United States
State Florida
County St. Johns
Established 1565

( from Wikipedia )

Click here to read all about the fabulous city of St Augustine!

~~~ On this short 2 day trip I fell in love with this old town all over again! If there are more beautiful sights to see or more desirable weather, I have yet to come across it in my almost 68 years!

...But then again-I'm very partial to all of our north Florida towns and countryside and can't imagine ever wanting to be any where else...or at least...not for very long!

St. Augustine being right on the coast, makes for a slightly cooler temps than we have inland !

Also I was surprised-and did not remember or had just not noticed on previous visits- how many tropical plants grow and thrive in St. Augustine!

(Hibiscus-Oleander-Bottle Brush trees- Bougainvilleas -to name a few!)

For me, though, the most eye catching and lovely plant growing there is the Jasmine vines...Star Jasmine, I believe it is! It is allowed to grow on trellises and up trees and walls and along fences; very fragrant with a perfusion of small, snowy white blooms!

On our way out of town yesterday morning we took one last tour of the oldest sections, just to find the perfect trellis to photograph! :) We found it!! :)

Charles has even agreed to consider building me a similar trellis for my front entrance here at our place! :)

Also, I was pleased to see a lot of 'knock-Out' roses in landscaping, all around town; in both reds and pinks! Not surprising , since this has become a much used rose in recent years- and a fabulous one it is!
( I have a lot of these in my own yard!)

Some random scenes:

The Jasmine vines!



Grape Arbor entrance to a shop!

Wild Flowers and grass along the shore!

(In front of the Oldest Wooden School)

The beautiful Live Oaks, draped in Spanish Moss!
(This scene is the block long street directly in front of 'Fountain of Youth!' A camera can not capture it's true magnificence!)

More tomorrow!

Junie Rose

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At 5:10 PM , Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

St. Augustine is such a beautiful old town and I'm glad you had such a nice time there. I enjoyed seeing all of your lovely pictures Junie and I'm sure Charles will build you that trelis that you loved.

I passed through St. Augustine years ago and I loved it. If I could talk Jimmy into visiting Florida I'd like to visit there again.

I'm glad that you're back only because I missed you being away.

At 5:15 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...


What a sweet post - thanks! :)

I really DID enjoy it more this time...I seem to have become more aware and appreciative of our beautiful world than I have ever been!



At 6:02 PM , Blogger Sally said...

Aw, Junie Rose, y'all took some awesome pictures! Yes, every time I visit the old section, I see something new~it's truly amazing. I love to just walk and drink in the beauty. I'm so glad you shared with us. (hugs)

At 8:20 PM , Anonymous 2sweetnsaxy said...

I enjoyed the shots. You know, I've got to say the 1st one of the tree lined walkway has got to be my favorite. What a beautiful path to walk along.

At 9:57 PM , Blogger Rachel said...

I was in St. Augustine back in the 70's. I'm sure it's changed a lot since then! Your pictures are so pretty! I have been thinking about getting some of the knockout roses! They are so pretty! I love that trellis too! Beautiful!

At 10:21 PM , Anonymous momma said...

What a beautiful area. Thank you for sharing.

At 12:05 AM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Thanks-all you kind ladies. I will visit you soon!


At 11:50 AM , Blogger PEA said...

Omigosh, I would be in heaven seeing all those roses and climbing vines...how beautiful they are!! I wish we could grow tropical flowers over here but alas, our weather don't agree with them. Hmmmm...I need to move! lol xoxo


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