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Monday, September 14, 2009

days in the life...

One day last week my sweet daughter Tina asked me if I wanted to go shopping.

Here we are - ready to go!!

Of course I wanted to go because we have a wedding to attend in October! I needed to shop for a new outfit to wear. I mentioned this before...about my difficulties in finding something!

Well, as it turned out this outing with Tina produced 2 possibilities...though I'm not sure... and not at all thrilled with either of them. I'll still keep looking for a pretty dress...but if all else fails I will wear one of these blouses with a nice pair of blue silk slacks I already have!

( lol- at least I know I will have something other than my jeans-haha- or a dress that's 15 years old!)

As you see both these blouses are fall colors so even if I find something else I'll find these useful through the fall and winter season here!

(Oh, my- the trials of Junie Rose...)

Tina and I had a nice time out together...but we were missing our Alli!
We had a good lunch at Cracker Barrel. I love that place-the food-AND the store!

I bought this cute chicken candle holder!

(The big guy behind is not new!!)

Tina was also up Sunday..You see, we have this thing going...each Sunday Tina comes up with her scale and we each weigh. ( Charles, Tina and me...also Alli when she was home) It helps keep us on track to know that we all will be weighing-all in plain view of each other- each week! haha....Well...I'm happy to report I had a good wt. loss this past week...more than 3 pounds!!
YAY for Ginga!! :)

(Tina and Lucy)

Today I had a Dr. appointment...My BAD Cholesterol is a little out of whack! For the first time I'm on medication for that now! Dang it! Have to change that if I can! I go back in Nov. and am determined to have a much better report!

As we were about to leave for the appointment I asked C. to get my picture with my new baby. LOL- she looks like she could be my baby for real, doesn't she? (with her blue eyes and blond curls)

(lol- silly old girl - Junie Rose...or is that 'Ginga?')

Have a good night, my friends!


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At 2:25 PM , Blogger Donna said...

You'll have to pick!!
Good for you on the weight loss sweetie! Sisters can be wonderful!!hughugs

At 10:19 AM , Blogger Skye said...

You and Tina look like you've BOTH lost some weight, Junie! Good for you!! :)

Also, I read yesterday in Prevention magazine that the four food 'groups' to eat that really help with weight loss are foods containing calcium, Vitamin D, fiber, and Omega-3s. If you're not already, you could try taking a calium + Vitamin D supplement (they usually come together, as your body needs Vitamin D to absorb calcium), fiber can be found in oatmeal and whole grain breads or cereals, and Omega-3s are in fish like salmon and tuna... and you can also buy omega-3 enriched eggs (I buy those from Walmart). I can't remember which, but at least one of those food groups also helps reduce bad cholesterol, so that would be good too!

Sorry for babbling on... I've been on a health/ weight loss kick myself recently, so am very interested in stuff like this! :)

At 2:50 PM , Blogger PEA said...

I'm so glad that you and Tina have a day together every week:-) I'm like you, I always have such a hard time finding a dress and I have to start looking for one months ahead of time for an event. I love the two blouses you bought!!

Good for you for having lost 3 lbs, that's terrific:-) Tina looks like she's losing weight as well, you're both looking beautiful!

Such a precious doll you're holding in that last picture..yup, she does look like you! hehe xoxo


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