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Friday, October 09, 2009

Camera-Critters ( for Oct 10 ~ 2009 )

Jethro Tull music video in post below this one!


Camera Critter time again...

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I had a visitor in my house this week and although I found him quite an interesting character...I must say I didn't feel real comfortable knowing he had free reign of my space.

I came home from shopping a couple days ago and my husband told me he had seen a 'Blue Skink' lizard in the house and that he had been unsuccessful in trying to capture him! We had no idea where he might be so nothing to do but wait until he showed himself again! Oh,my!! Oh, well...

Lucky me...the very next day this guy shows up in my kitchen!
We wet a dish towel to throw over him and -with a lot of chasing and near misses- was able, finally, to get him and remove him to the back yard! He was happy I bet...so was I!! :)

I managed to get his picture before he scurried away! These little guys are very beautiful-with that bright blue coloring! The picture doesn't do him justice!

OK- I got down to his level to get the picture under this bush...and to my surprise I saw this very interesting little frog. I'm sure he must be some type of tree frog as he was hanging onto the branch of this bush!

These links will tell more about these 2 critters!

( not sure which tree frog is the one I saw )

Oh! What wonders we may find if we take the time to look closely!

Junie Rose

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At 1:50 AM , Blogger S said...

Hi There!

I hopped over here from Cliff's blog. I know I haven't visited for a while but it feels great to be back. The music! And lookie at this critter you caught in the photo. Wow.

I love your blog banner highlighting my favorite season and showing you, I assume, nestled in all comfy.

At 3:06 AM , Blogger Stine in Ontario said...

Now a lizard in the house would be a huge surprise! Great you were able to take its phot even if you did need to wait.

At 8:29 AM , Blogger Donna said...

Love that lizard!! Pretty blue! And look at that frogs toes!! Look like little suckers!!hughugs

At 11:35 AM , Blogger Carletta said...

A lizard in my house would freak me out. I guess living there and being used to them helps somewhat. :)
Cute froggie you found too!

Carletta’s Captures.

At 2:29 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Hello gel,

Good hearing from you again... Clicked on your name on this comment but says there's no profile...

Hope you'll come again.

:) Oh- that new blog header is of me more than 30 years ago! haha


At 2:31 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Thanks for your visits,




Oh- that really is a pretty type of lizard...but I DO hope he stays out of my house! :)


At 5:16 PM , Blogger PEA said...

Your critters look so strange to me since they`re not ones we`d ever find over here! lol I don`t blame you for not wanting that lizard in your house, glad you were able to catch him and put him back outside:-) xoxo


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