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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekend Reflections...Winter Flowers


It's time to share our Weekend Reflections...


Again, I will show you what's on my marble shelf in our entrance hall.

Red Camellias

When  winter comes and lingers on- making most things dead and brown in north Florida- that's when the Camellias start their show!  They  bring me joy to these gloomy days!

I picked these yesterday from the 3 red bushes we have out front. To get a feel of the size of these bushes/trees... if I were in this picture I'd not come more than half way up on this biggest one!
(well...but I am only 5 ft tall!-lol)
Anyway, they grow BIG and have a LOT of flowers....but  are only in bloom for a short time!

We also have a pale pink one  but it is always a little bit later  with it's blooms! (I mean, just a few days) Have a pure white one and a peachy color one in the back yard...new plants which only have had a few blooms  each the past year or so! The white one is blooming now, too, but I haven't cut any of those yet.


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At 8:38 PM , Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Ah yes, it's all coming back. Your fab flower pics in the middle of my icy winter.

At 9:34 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

:) To bring you good cheer, AC

At 8:58 AM , Anonymous momma/mary said...

What a wonderful reminder that even in winter life can be vibrant and comforting.

At 9:40 AM , Blogger Sally said...

Oh, so beautiful, Junie. I love them! You know, the one I got in 2006,is growing taller with loads of buds but not blooming well. I guess I'm doing something wrong. lol

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday! (hugs)

At 9:41 AM , Blogger Sally said...

Oh,and your header is fantastic!! :)

At 10:53 AM , Blogger 'Tsuki said...

Your picture on this post are really sweet, but I do love the one you chosen for the title of your blog : it amazingly thought !


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