Junie's Place: Poem: "On The Brink"-some thoughts on the New Year

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Poem: "On The Brink"-some thoughts on the New Year

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On The Brink
~some thoughts on the New Year~

On the brink, again we stand, not knowing what’s ahead.
Moving bravely, step by step, as this new year unfolds.

Taking time to analyze past missteps we’ve taken.
Time to choose a better path-embrace the new-let go the old!

What better time to start anew?
We have a slate wiped clean, uncluttered.

The painful parts we’ll leave behind,
Only keeping those things that mattered.

June Kellum
Jan 1, 2012

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At 12:55 PM , Anonymous momma said...

If you see Mommascorner you will know that we think alike on this subject Junie. Let us hope there are many more out there ready to march towards this goal.

At 4:52 PM , Blogger Sally said...

Beautiful, Junie. You have a wonderful way with words. Best wishes to you and Charles & the family for a wonderful new year!



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