Junie's Place: "Groundhog Day"

Thursday, February 02, 2012

"Groundhog Day"


(click on pic to enlarge)

This was seen posted on Face Book-
LOL - I thought it might be useful here!

I hope the recipe can be read!


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At 11:37 AM , Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Our meterorolgical groundhog has predicted six more weeks. Of course, at this time of year up here, that goes without saying.

At 2:12 PM , Blogger Sally said...

HAHAHA!! I love it, and can read the recipe, however, I won't be making that anytime soon. :)

Hope you're having a good day, Junie.


At 3:35 PM , Blogger Donna said...

Hahahaaa...I watched the ceremony this morning...
This is too cute!

At 3:30 PM , Blogger PEA said...

LOL I love that recipe! Our Wiarton Willie predicted an early Spring but I don't know, with all the snow we still have, it will be a while before it all melts!! xoxo


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