Junie's Place: Health issues-Oct 3, 2012

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Health issues-Oct 3, 2012

 (posted on Face Book today)
I'm not feeling well at all today-and for a few days now- I have what I think is neuropathy in my legs and can barely walk. It's like what I had a few years back which the doc said was neuropathy-and I was DOWN for 3 mo. that time!...Keep reminding myself I must keep a positive attitude...because I'm needed here! (Drakey needs me!!)

Am looking forward to the debate tonight. I'm hoping-and praying- for some good signs of change to emerge!


At 8:31 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

Junie. I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble with your legs. I hope you will be on the mend soon. In the meantime a positive attitude will help you get through this. Thinking of what you can do instead of what you can't works wonders.


At 10:41 AM , Blogger PEA said...

Yes, Junie, Drake needs you so you better feel better soon!!! Don't like the thought of you in pain:-(

I'm not a fan of politics at all so had no interest in watching the debate...politicians all lie anyway! lol xoxo

At 9:43 PM , Blogger Sally said...

Well, I commented on FB, Junie, but I do hope if you're not better soon that you'll go back the dr. The neurontin works wonders; I wouldn't be able to walk without it. I take it 3 times a day, and at Winn Dixie, it's only $l0.00. I ran out a few days ago, and kept forgetting to call it in. By about the 4th day, I could hardly move. Please go to the dr!!!


At 1:28 PM , Blogger Donna said...

I hope it wasn't aggrivated by the fall?!!!
Go to the Dr Girl!!!

At 9:47 PM , Blogger Carletta said...

So sorry to hear this news Junie.
Please take care of yourself. It's been a week since you've posted so I hope you're doing alright.


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