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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Easy as...falling off a ladder...

Didn't mention it before but....

...yesterday I fell off a ladder after climbing up to clean the blades of a ceiling fan! I thought I was to the last step coming down, when, actually, I was 2 steps up! I fell hard, into the entertainment center,then, landing on my back and hitting my head on the floor. Nothing broken (and my head is ok -really!!!) but I am sore all through my body; just adding to the leg and back problem I already had.
....What's worrisome is that I'm needed to take care of Drake a few days a week...
Luckily, Chris has some vacation days off, the next few days so can take care of Drakey if Joy works this week!

Also-if I felt like it- I wanted to try to get back into some crafting-"DANG IT!!"

Hope I get better soon! How long does it take to recover from a stupid fall off a ladder?? I have things to do!!

Junie Rose



At 9:47 PM , Blogger PEA said...

Oh my goodness, Junie, what a thing to happen! I can well imagine how sore and bruised you are but glad that nothing seems broken. Fingers crossed that you heal quickly!!!! xoxo

At 9:06 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

Unless you are well padded,like me, it may take a few days before you feel like crafting or even moving around. Being a clumsy faller myself I can almost feel your pain. Do take care and you will come around in a few days!

At 10:24 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...


I AM pretty well padded-but I feel like my insides were bounced around pretty good! No bruises, tho!


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