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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Camera Critters--Butterflies!

~Camera Critters~

Of Butterflies

I venture out for photo shots
of butterflies.
 (sometimes, for hours.)
They, so, enchant, with their gossamer wings;
flitting there, among the flowers.

The colors range from soft to bold.
Some showy as a fine spring day!
Other’s beauty is understated,
still, frilly as a fine crochet.

Some are swift, not pausing long,
to sample blooms along the way.
Others linger, just hanging there;
as if their beauty’s on display.

I stand poised, in wonderment,
and reach to touch that softness there;
(The contact's slight, but oh, so real!)
and know the feel of angel hair!

June Kellum
July 2005

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