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Friday, June 07, 2013

Hi, Blog Friends!

Hi Blog friends!  
This is the post from my Face Book page yesterday!

It was rainy and windy here yesterday, due to that tropical storm...today is sunny and bright!

I have my baby Drakey today!   :)


"Rain, rain go away-come again another day! Little Drakey wants to play!

Joy had invited 2 young mommies and their babies over for a gathering and play date at her house today! I guess plans have changed-at least it has for the playing in Drake's pool!  ...And it's not a good day for anyone to be out for any reason."

(this pic is from a few days ago)

(2 baby girls came to visit Drake)

Joy's guests came, even with the rain. Charles and I went over there too, but just for a short while, so I didn't get many pics of the babies together. Only a couple of my baby Drake!!

I was not feeling well so we came home early!



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