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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ozzy ( cows and chickens - and The Who)

Meet Ozzy!
He's another of my friend, Bonnie's Collies!
Isn't he a good looking guy?
I think so!
Here he is, freshly groomed!
Very spiffy!

*Ozzy is the star of my blog today!*


Yesterday was a weird kind of day, here on this little farm!

First off- there's the chicken thing! As stated before we gave up on having chickens a few years ago. I just got tired of having them taken by hawks and animals, in the night! Actually, I have had hawks swoop down and take the baby chicks , 2-3 feet in front of me! Not fun to see! So finally I decided I had seen enough and experienced enough of that kind of heartache! (I always became attached to my little hens-and roosters...most had names.)

Recently our neighbors have gotten a rooster and 2 hens. They roam the whole property...but I don't plan to become too close to these birds- so if they disappear it will not be a personal loss for me!

Yesterday Charles delivered a load of hay to an old neighbor friend who lives about 3 miles from us. Hay has been scarce lately so when Charles is able to get extra he is always willing to share. He stayed and chatted for a spell with Mr. John.

On his return home some chickens calmly walked off the hay trailer, as if on a planned trip! I told Charles they were on a field trip for the day! We were both amazed that they hadn't flown off in the distance traveled...but there they were-a handsome rooster and two fine hens!

Immediately, the 2 roosters got in a heated argument! (fight) I saw from my window and went out with my camera but was too late to get the real action. Here they are with the stow away rooster in retreat!

And here is one of the little hens! Very pretty but camera shy!
And a close-up of the big rooster!

We were in a quandary as how to handle this situation, because you can't catch chickens by just walking up to them. Charles said he would offer to buy them . Might make things easier all around! ( and I would be back in the chicken business!) But we knew the chickens were not Mr. John's, but his granddaughter's... and , she,( like I always did) makes pets of her chickens! And she would want then returned.

We decided we'd have to wait until night when the chickens found a place to roost! Did you know you can shine a flash light on a roosting - sleeping chicken, and walk right up to it and pick it up! (they become totally helpless while roosting!) .....But- being the worrier I am- I was afraid they would find a high tree for the night and we'd be unable to get to them! I desperately hoped to be able to return these pet chickens to the neighbor girl!

At dusk I looked around but couldn't find them! :( Charles said he'd wait until it got completely dark before looking further...

Meanwhile...something else was developing... After dinner the door bell rang- I let Charles answer. It was 2 police personnel - to inform him there had been a complaint of some of his cows out! They also told him it was a criminal offense to not maintain your fences and let this happen! :) They were willing to give him a break, since he is not a habitual offender in this 'crime!' Of course he went right down to check things out!

Turns out the 2 calves were NOT ours! It was just assumed because we have cows- and these calves were near our pasture- that they were ours! We figure they must have been bought recently at the cattle sale by someone around here- and they were just scared and got free to wander around - lost and scared!

Get this... the cops asked Charles if he would keep them! And if they are not claimed, they're his! LOL! Well, they are still there this morning-and settled down nicely with our herd!


Back to the chicken story... Upon looking around (after the calf deal was over) Charles discovered the chickens were roosting for the night in an open shed he has- so he called the neighbors who owned the chickens . They came over- armed with a flash light-and took them-one by one!

The guy jokingly said, "Charlie, if you want chickens that bad we'll give you some! You don't have to steal them." ;)

A VERY strange day!


Late last night - To Relax- :) - I got into a C/L of some WHO vids! Had a good ole time!
Got to bed very late, but up at my usual time!

Wonder what this day will bring!

Hope yours is a good one!


Junie Rose

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At 11:44 AM , Anonymous dutch said...

June! this was an AWESOME post -- i love the chickens -- however -- a few of my "friends" here (the cow kids) are wanting to see the pictures of the cows -- they claim chickens are the healthy choice for dinner but they would like to see the cows -- as soon as they step off the altar and the morning services are over - i told them that it is tradition in florida to worship all cows.

Ozzy thanks you -- he says he would do better poses so everyone could see how beautiful he is but he is too young to stand still while i find the right button to push.

At 12:35 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Bonnie,

Ozzy did fine! He's a very handsome boy! Looks very friendly!

As for the cows... if you click on labels at bottom of post -both cows and farm- they will take you to more cow posts! Some you might have missed !
(lol- the reason my labels are so confused-I didn't know what I was doing at first- so have multi -listings of some things!)

Haven't seen the new calves yet. It's raining so can't get down there for now! Charles said they are both just little brown girls. He named them 'Lost' and 'Found!' ;)

I guess they are ours...For sure if we advertized with the story of them just turning up here, have SEVERAL 'owners' would turn up! :) Of course if we knew where they belonged we'd hand them over! We'l see how it goes! Meantime, they are now content with our cows!


At 1:18 PM , Anonymous dutch said...

June -- the names are perfect -- i'll tell my herd to wait it out --they will be content with the old pictures -- i think i have caught them before -- they understand that even though they stand out in the rain, that often times humans just don't do that to take pictures of sacred cows.

Ozzy is very friendly, very active and gets SO excited when people come around. He's settled down a lot -- not excavating any more and he doesn't empty jack's garage when he's there -- used to never know what was going to be out in the yard on saturday morning -- one time he emptied an entire garbage bag of recycling -- plastic drink bottles. He is beautiful and makes me smile with the silly things he does sometimes.


At 1:26 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

:0 Ozzy sounds fun!

At 6:33 PM , Blogger PEA said...

Ozzy is certainly a gorgeous dog! My mom told me that they had a collie on the farm when she was growing up and how much she loved him:-) What a story about those chickens and calves...isn't it strange the things that can happen?! lol xox

At 6:40 PM , Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

Ozzy is a beauty!

I'm shocked! Charles is stealing cows and chickens!!
Next thing, he'll be stealing cars!!!!

At 7:45 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Pea,

Collies are beautiful dogs , but I have never had one. We've mostly had smaller dogs.

;) Yesterday was a very strange day...Lol- but we often have those kind around here!


At 7:55 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

:) JD,

Charlie got a kick out of your comment!

Well- those chickens went home but the little calves are still in the pasture with the others!
...and I surely hope they stay...since I now know that C. could be charged like a hardened criminal if they get out!

Wouldn't it be just too embarrassing to be in jail with bank robbers- etc-and have to admit yer there because your small calves were able to get out through a pasture fence!!!
( I just being silly here!!!)

Junie Rose

At 11:45 PM , Blogger mreddie said...

The cow and chicken story was great, you have such neat things happen down there. Glad your spouse didn't get locked up. :) ec

At 11:52 PM , Blogger b13 said...

Loved the story and the pictures. Beautiful dog and birds. Now what happens if someone accuses you of cattle rustling???

At 12:14 AM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...


Yes, I'm glad he's still a free man! :) but who knows what tomorrow may bring?

Really, wouldn't it be expected that cows sometimes get through a fence in the country...especially small calves!! They can go right under a barbed wire fence! (but in this case it was someone else's cows wanting to get in our pasture)

:) Yesterday's events WERE rather funny!

At 12:22 AM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Hi B13,

Thanks for coming by.

Yes, my friend's Collie, OZZY, is a beauty-as well as her other dogs (posted some of them earlier- if you want to check them out...click on labels)
I'll direct my friend to your site, as she LOVES dogs a lot! She'd probably like looking at yer dog pics!

Oh, my! Cattle Rustling!! I hadn't considered that! ;) Maybe we've been set up!


At 12:48 AM , Blogger Rachel said...

Ozzy is a beauty!!

What a fascinating post about your day!! I really enjoyed reading about it!! Hope you get to keep the calves!

At 3:46 AM , Blogger Merle said...

Hi June ~~ What a fun day you had.
Thanks for sharing the stories with us. Glad you enjoyed some of the Random Thoughts. I sure will enjoy having the grand daughters here.
Like you, family is the best.
Take care, June, Love, Merle.

At 7:30 AM , Blogger Jeanette said...

Hi Junie, Well what an interesting day you had with the chickens.
Oh Isnt OZZY Gorgeous and well groomed.

At 9:05 AM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Jeanette,

Yes, it was quite a day with the weird happenings with the chickens-and the calves!
LOL- but yesterday was uneventful!

Yes, that collie is very beautiful.

At 9:13 AM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Rachel,

happy you enjoyed reading of our adventures ! It was an unusual day!

The calves are a mystery but , so far, no one has come to claim them.
If they belonged to close neighbors I'm sure the word would have got out- where they are!...They could have rambled for quite a bit before being drawn to our pasture of cows and hanging out around there!

We'll see what happens...

At 9:19 AM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Dear Merle,

LOL- yah- a FUN day! So much fun Charles is threatening to get rid of all the cows and the aggravation that goes along with them! :) I don't think he will but he MIGHT!

It looks like rain again but I need to get to the grocery store so I better get going soon.

Check in with you later today, at your place.



At 11:15 AM , Blogger Joy Des Jardins said...

Ozzy is a handsome guy. Really enjoyed this post Junie. So glad Charlie didn't wind up as a felon.

At 11:45 AM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Joy,

Yes, he is handsome! Has this very cool, confident look about him too- like he KNOWS how good looking he is! :)

Yah! I'm glad nothing worse happened!

I would think there's better uses for our police power than harrassing poor old guys with a few cows! :( And , after all, each cow represents a good bit of $$$ so nobody is going to -ON PURPOSE- let cows get out to roam!

Oh well- lol- don't mean to sound bitter-


At 11:31 PM , Blogger Peter said...

Hi June, caught up with this post very late but I felt such a day deserved a comment, do you still have the calves? very generous of the Police to "give" them to you.

At 11:48 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Peter,

Yes, the calves are still in our pasture.

Maybe the cops are hoping they will get out again....so that this time Chas. can be written up! :) (they said The calves are yours if no one claims them!') All of the immediate neighbors know about this so I don't think they belong around close to us!
So I guess C. will keep them a few eeks and see what happens- lol- I just hope they don't get out!

At 12:36 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

C. will keep them a few eeks and see what happens- lol- I just hope they don't get out!<<<<

To Peter,

eeks = weeks in last post!

Didn't notice the typo til later!

But if those calves get out-'EEKS' might fit here, anyway!!



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