Junie's Place: She's 18 now ! ( where did the time go??)

Friday, December 26, 2008

She's 18 now ! ( where did the time go??)



It's Alli's birthday today! She's 18!

What?? How did that happen so quickly? ;(

Our Alli was ALMOST a Christmas baby
...just missing the date by a few hours.
She was born about 4 hours into Dec 26th!

I wanted Tina to name her 'Merry Noel' but she nixed that idea!
(Alli says she's glad of that fact! )
...But I thought that would be a cute name for an almost Christmas baby girl!

Allison Brooke is pretty, tho, and 'Alli' fits her fine these days!


Now THAT was some kind of Christmas day! :)
~ a very long one~ but with a very happy ending!

Well, I should say a very happy beginning!

Allison has always been a JOY to all of us!


This is how our Alli feels about her growing up years ~here~ with us all together.

She wrote this recently as a school assignment.

(and gave me permission to post it here.)


Alli Fahey
Period 6

9:00am. June or July in the Central Florida countryside, early ‘90s. Sun fresh in the sky. Not a cloud in sight. Kids up before they should be. Chickens pecking around the yard. Geese yelling, intimidating us. Orange grove in the back, with a few trees up front. Cow trough disguised as a swimming pool, four kids inside. Whirlpool! Hose tied around the plum tree for a waterfall. Ginga watching with video camera in hand, capturing every moment on tape. Slip&Slide spread out on the lawn. Soap added for effect. Little Alli hitting the ground from Daniel’s impact. “Not too cool Dan, not too cool.” Freshly sliced watermelon, cold from the fridge- bright red and sweet as can be. Seeds spit down the carport. Wooden swing tied to a great oak, always being twisted and flung. Tree house in another oak, made from scratch with love. Inside the brick house, a great-grandmother and great granddaughter playing like it will never end. Grilled cheese sandwiches on the table, cut in half—diagonally. Mattresses in the Quiet Room (hardly ever quiet) where kids make their beds. Run- jump- fall into the mattress! Dining room chairs arranged to hold up blankets for a fort. A fort with three to four rooms—craftsmanship of Alli and Zach. The Z’s and A’s playing a concert with a kazoo and a Folgers can for a beat. Concentration out on the table, Ginga and Alli playing—Alli winning. Outside again. Chasing chickens, scaring the fainting goats. Four kids and a dog piled on a golf cart, down the dirt road to see the cows. Boys flinging cow patties on top of the cart and spinning. One little girl, unhappy. Dinnertime. Kids inside, still in swimsuits, eating dinner. No real bedtime imposed. Four kids sprawled out on mattresses, exhausted. New day on the way. Every day filled with laughter and fun. Ginga and Gabbo letting kids do as they please, learning from experience. A home filled with love. A home filled with memories. My grandparents’ house. My childhood playground.


(This , of course, brought tears to the old eyes!)


~~~Here are some of Alli's memories~~~

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! :)

Love ,

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At 8:17 PM , Blogger Skye said...

That's lovely, Junie! Brought tears to my eyes too. I'm looking forward to those days in my life when I can have a fun place for my grandkids to come and play. It must make you happy to know that Alli has such sweet, fond memories of her childhood with you.

At 8:52 PM , Blogger Rachel said...

Ah, that's very sweet!! I could just picture it all as I read it and then to see the pictures! What fond memories she has of life at your home! No wonder you had tears Junie! I hope her birthday was wonderful!

I like the name Merry Noel!

At 11:38 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...




Yes, it makes me feel good to know that the kids all have fond memories of growing up here.

I certainly have fond memories of those times, too...

I miss them so much!

All of our holidays were spent together here-and most other days too- especially in summer!

...But kids grow up-things change!


At 12:08 PM , Blogger Judy said...

What a sweet tribute to Alli. She was just as beautiful as a baby as she is a young woman. Enjoyed the pictures, too. Thanks for sharing.

At 7:48 PM , Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I enjoyed watching Ali grow in pictures...lovely.

Happy Birthday Ali!

At 9:03 PM , Blogger dot said...

Enjoyed the pictures and Alli's writing. A late "Happy Birthday" to her.

At 1:39 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks to you all!

YES! Our Alli is a very special young lady!

Thanks for your birthday greetings to her. I'll be sure to let her know!




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