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Sunday, October 18, 2009

The wedding (for family)

We're back from the wedding trip so I want to put on just a few pictures and tell a little about all of it.
(This is mainly of interest to family but all are welcome to see our pictures and read about all of the wedding activities if you wish)

We had to leave early Saturday morning for the 5 hour drive to Fort Lauderdale location for the wedding. We left home about 7:30 .

We had booked 3 rooms for our family members...Charles and me, Tammy and Terry and Tina and Alli. Chris also had gone down the day before as he was part of the wedding party and had to be there for rehearsal on Friday.

We all arrived within a few minutes of each other and had just about 3 hours before time for the wedding! We were very pleased that we had chosen well in picking our place to stay as these rooms were very nice and plush and every thing was new! We all had a little time to rest before getting ready for the wedding and reception.

Here we are -Charles and me- just after arriving at the hotel...

...and some of my girls and me, as we were ready to leave for the wedding.

The wedding was quite beautiful ... and as always, this wedding made me a little teary, as weddings have a way of doing! I don't know why this should be...it just is!

Here are a few pictures of the ceremony and just after, as the bride and groom were leaving the church, amidst bubbles being created by the guests;
for the limo ride to the reception.

...More tomorrow...




At 4:20 AM , Blogger Sally said...

Pretty pictures, Junie. I'm glad all went well!! :)

At 9:55 AM , Blogger Joy Des Jardins said...

Great photos Junie....everyone looked like they had a wonderful time. I get teary at weddings too Junie. Hey, I guess it's just the joy of the occasion that gets to us...and the emotional moment sweetie. You and your girls look beautiful.... Love, Joy


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