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Friday, October 16, 2009

Busy day...


Today will be a busy one for us here. We will be getting ready for the trip to Fort Lauderdale tomorrow for the wedding of my nephew Alan and his Lauren!

We will have to leave very early tomorrow morning for the afternoon wedding.

I'm expecting this will be a lovely and elegant event for Alan and Lauren, as much time and planning has gone into every detail. We're looking forward to it. I know it will be very special for all who are there!

Check out my nephew here! He is a talented musician and is in this Blues band -'Used Blues Band!'

...now I must get on with my preparations for the trip...

I will return late Sunday.


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At 2:57 PM , Blogger Sally said...

Oh, how wonderful. I hope it is everything they dreamed of, and that you have a safe trip. (((hugs)))

At 6:49 PM , Blogger Judy said...

Hi June, I hope you have a wonderful, safe trip and the wedding goes off great for all concerned. We will have to hear all about it and see your photos!

At 11:36 AM , Blogger Donna said...

Hope the wedding went off with...a "hitch"...Hahaa...Now get some rest girl!!hughugs


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