Junie's Place: Watery Wednesday~August 19, 2010~ Watery Lily

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Watery Wednesday~August 19, 2010~ Watery Lily

It's Watery Wednesday!

Well, I'm a little late but I hope I can get this in!

Finally I have a water lily bloom in my pond-the first one this year!
I went out and got some pics. I love the water drops on the flower and the reflections and shadows in the pond ~ and the bright yellow color!  I think it's very beautiful-don't you?

Lol- This would have worked for several of the picture memes I like to do...
  but I couldn't wait  and so am using it for

(Click on meme name to find other water posts!)

(Click on pictures to enlarge)

In this last pic the camera lens was fogged up with the humidity but I like the way it looks! :)
The other pic shows a bit more of the lily pads and pond.

I have fish in there but they quickly swam out of sight when I tried to get my pictures!


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At 11:59 AM , Blogger HOOTIN' ANNI said...

These are amazing photos Junie!!! Just amazing.

At 12:55 PM , Blogger Carletta said...

That first shot is absolutely beautiful! It's like a painting. I love it Junie!

At 2:02 PM , Blogger Sally said...

Awesome photo's, Junie!! I have to agree, the first one absolutely looks like a painting!!!

Hope you're having a good day!!

At 3:36 PM , Blogger Betsy from Tennessee said...

Gorgeous pictures, Junie.... Love the water lily... I'm like you---I love that last picture... NEAT!!!!

Have a good day...

At 5:04 PM , Blogger 2sweetnsaxy said...

As some would say, better late than never. LOL! The shots are great, especially that first one. Wow.

At 5:04 PM , Blogger eileeninmd said...

It is a beautiful waterlily, lovely yellow color. Wonderful photos!


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