Junie's Place: Camera Critters- (for Sept 15, 2012)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Camera Critters- (for Sept 15, 2012)

Recently I moved some potted Poinsettias from my front porch to my side yard,  to plant them in the ground. 

Un-noticed, until I got ready to plant the last of 5 plants, was this little guy! He was snuggled down in the moist, cool, soil of the potted plant.

I don't know which of us was more surprised;  me or the frog!

I hoped he didn't mind too much,  my intrusion in his life.

Junie Rose

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At 12:52 AM , Blogger Rachel said...

Oh, he's a handsome fellow. Could be a female though, for all I know!Ha! I love frogs! I think they are so cute!!

At 9:17 AM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Rachel. I like frogs too- lol- but unexpected encounters (like this one) are a bit startling! :) I hope he/she got settled in to the new location I took it to! haha

At 1:22 PM , Blogger Pia said...

Cute frog! I can imagine that you both were surprised.


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