Junie's Place: New Spring Calves (and... WHO?)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New Spring Calves (and... WHO?)

...A new calf came yesterday or most likely, the night before! I named her April! ( Duh! very creative, Junie! :) ) Charles lets me name them all...Lol- but he gets the $$$ when we sell them after a few months!

...But -my influence has prevented them from becoming dinner on our table anyway...for how could we eat a baby calf I had named? We sell them and I convince myself the buyer wanted each and every one for a breeder or pet-ONLY; not for the steaks and roasts and ground-up parts! That's just me, folks! Anyway, the little amount of meat we eat , we can buy...and I am not bothered by remembering this paticular hamburger as part of that cute little calf I named and photographed as a baby!

Here's our latest spring babies!
(we lost one a few weeks back-at birth!)


Beautiful black and white boy -Cedric... (mom cow-Pansy)

Little light tan girl of yesterday -April... ( mom cow-Lexie)

Mom cows are very protective of new babies.
Lexie had April hidden quite well, among the brown leaves, but we finally spotted her!


Who?? (you ask)

...Just the greatest rock band EVER!! :)

I topped off my good day yesterday with a 'Who' listen, late into the night. I played 'Then and Now', ending with part of the MSG concert of 2004. I wanted to compare the live versions of some of the songs to the studio recordings! The live versions won, even tho the guys are ' getting on with it' as far as age goes! They still have the energy and ability to do the job well!! IMO-the best!

I would love, more than anything, to be able to see them in concert!...but-won't happen!



At 8:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, im wayne, im allis friend. ive decided it time to give you an official nickname in your services to the blogging community. instead of calling you grandma, we shall all call you BLOGGma. cuz its soo much cooler. happy blogging

At 8:41 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

:) Thanks, Wayne!

That name has a certain charm about it... so , sure, call me Bloggma! I like it!

While you're here look around my blog!

Oh,yes! ...and spread the word ,far and wide, about Bloggma's blog!!

My goal is to be A world famous blogger!! hahaha!


At 9:47 PM , Blogger Doug Bagley said...

Hey, that was so fun looking at your photos. They bring back so many warm memories of spending summers on my grandparents' farm. How I miss those times.

At 9:51 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Doug,

Happy you enjoyed my photos of our baby calves! :) Nothing much cuter than these babies!


At 10:07 AM , Blogger Jacqui said...

Just love the baby calves. My daughter that I mentioned in my last comment lives on a dairy farm, they just agist a neighbours cows now seems to be a lot less trouble. She has enough to do with 5 kids under 8 years.
Love your poetry too, we have all been given wonderful talents, and it is so god to be able to make use of them.

Your world fame has spread as far as one side of Oz to the other and thats a fair way, Bloggma.

cheers jacqui

At 10:34 AM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...


Aren't those calves so sweet?
Our cows are mostly just a hobby for my husband...well, what I mean is - they are not our livelihood that we must depend on! We have about 20- I think!...And have several babies to sell each year!

In the past we have had just about every farm animal here and it was fun for all the grands, growing up on this little farm!

I remember one Easter I had small gifts for everyone...and left clues all over the place that led everyone-finally- to the stash of gifts! Lol- what I didn't count on was the mess- the clues leading all those feet around the barnyard...(the adults too) and at the end , back into the house..Yikes! What a mess that made,with the mud and dirt! As it happened, we had rain the night before! :)

One of my girls still has that little game plan stashed away somewhere...It was a lot of fun-

Thanks for reading my poetry. It's just something I have always enjoyed doing and I'm pleased that others like reading it!

LOL- Yes! I'm pleased too, that my blogging fame has spread as far as your'OZ' Until my blog here I had never known anyone from your country! :) Now I know several-and all very nice folks to know too! :)

aka-BLOGGma! :)

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