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Friday, December 29, 2006

Last Night~~~

Hi Folks,

Last night I relaxed with my music!
Early in the evening I played the Greatest Hits collection of 'Bread,' one of the CDs I got from my son! Bread was a Soft-Rock group I liked a lot in the 70s and 80s! I enjoyed hearing the beautiful love song-ballads again! They are still just as nice and soothing as they were back then!


Next~~ I played the new 'WHO' CD ~ 'Endlesswire.'

This is not much like 'The Who' of the past, nevertheless, it has some excellent moments...
some good songs! I'm happy to have it!

I get the feeling this may be the wind-up of The Who's long and successful career! (This long tour they are now envolved in !) Of course, that's just my opinion!

Some of the songs HINT at that...( well, IMHO, that is!)

~~~Things change!
People get old - even Rock stars...
...and their fans!~~~


~~ lyrics from~~

Tea and Theatre (The Who)

Will you have some tea at the theatre with me?
We did it all - didn't we?
Jumped every wall - instinctively
Unravelled codes - ingeniously
Wired all the roads - so seemlessly
We made it work -
But one of us failed
That makes it so sad-
A great dream derailed
One of us gone One of us mad
One of us, me
All of us sad All of us sad -
lean on my shoulder now
The story is done -
's getting colder now
A thousand songs -
still smoulder now
We played them as one -
we're older now
All of us sad All of us free
Before we walk from the stage
Two of us Will you have some tea?
Will you have some tea At the theatre with me?


'The Who' Holmdel, NJ concert of 2002 was chosen to end the night of music!
This is one of the best Who concerts that I have experienced!
( Of course, I have never seen the Who in concert :( but have collected several 'Live' performances on CDs and DVDs!)

'The Who' ~~~ Best Rock n Roll band-EVER! (IMHO-of course!)



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At 8:09 AM , Blogger Margaret said...

I am a bread fan as well. Funnily enough. my eldest son and I have a lot of music in common. There are points where he likes some nusic that I don't and vice versa.

At 8:20 AM , Blogger JunieRose said...

Always liked that sweet sound of 'Bread.' :)

My son and I also have a lot in common with our music- and a WIDE range for us both (these days)


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