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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Visitors this weekend! (and UPDATE! )

Well, I tell you- Charles and I have been working like crazy the past 2 days, trying (in vain??) to get this old house pulled together for company this weekend.

Problem is, we are both collectors of 'stuff' ... things we like-PLUS-all the paper misc. that comes in the mail and of which I don't always know just what to do with- where to put it- or IF it should be saved or what!!

It seems the older we get the more complicated life becomes!! As we get LESS able to deal with things there are MORE things dumped on us! LOL! Is this just ME or is it really the way things are??

I have sworn off magazines for awhile...in fact am letting my 'Country Home' and 'Country Living' subscriptions expire! Have a huge box of them, too heavy to lift, ready to go...somewhere ; either in the shed to sell at a yard sale for a quarter each- lol- and even at that, I would get rich- or donated to a thrift shop! Also...a TON of books have accumulated here. These I will have to find time to go through and organize the ones I want to keep. This will have to be later. For now, many are boxed and stashed away in closets!

With my son recently moving (from my upstairs) into our small rental house, I have had a whole lot of de-cluttering and rearranging of stuff - to make those rooms usable up there.

We moved stuff around downstairs, too. These 2 cabinets I am able now to use for my little music center and have arranged all my CDs here-where I can find just what I want real fast and easy!

I made this picture last night with my computer camera. Of course, it's reversed, in real life here! I don't know how to flip the picture. I know there's a way and I have been shown how to do it but ...I don't remember! Just use yer imagination!
( I'm OLD...gimmee a break, will ya! haha )

The little desk will be where I will do my bills! Sorry- if it won't fit in that small space and those tiny drawers it will go in the trash! YEP!

Our expected company is my brother and sister-in-law from Alabama and a few days later my sister and brother-in- law from NC are coming too! We are hoping to have a mini-family reunion while they are here, with folks coming from south and central Florida and my sister and BIL who live here in Ocala-and all of my family! This, we hope, will come to be on Feb 7th! We'll see how it goes!

Oh! It's a rainy-gloomy day here! We need the rain, but still... NOT my favorite kind of day! Supposed to get colder again, too!

Well, seems the oranges didn't do too well with the recent freeze, after all. I tried doing some for juice and , even tho I cut off the soft part at the stem...the juice doesn't taste right! :( Charles says it's ok...but my taste buds know what Honey Bell juice is supposed to be!... Have to give it up and forgetaboutit! There's always next year!


Have a good day,

Junie Rose


Tonight we learned that my brother and sister-in-law will have to postpone their visit again as my SIL has developed a medical problem that has to be taken care of!

:( We hope they can make this visit in the near future!


The visit of my sister and BIL in NC is still on. (as far as I know). That will be next Saturday!


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At 4:42 PM , Blogger Donna said...

Have fun with your family sweetie! And those magazines? Take them to a Nursing Home! The elderly LOVE them!!
Happy night sweetie!hughugs

At 5:19 PM , Blogger Sally said...

Oh, that is SO great; a family reunion. I miss them a lot. However, we may have one on July 4th; maybe 3 or 4 will show up. hahaha

When the bills come in, I shred them and read the magazines!! Just kidding!!! But, yeah it seems the older I get the more junk mail. My daughter was complaining to me the other day, she's getting AARP junk and she's only in her early thirties. :)

Books - girl - I have about 400 paperbacks sitting here; but the good thing about being "mature" I can re-read them 'cause I don't remember I've read them before!!

Take care, and don't work too hard; the family's coming to see you!! (HUGS)

At 5:21 PM , Blogger Sally said...

OOPS, my daughter is in her early 40's. Another lapse of memory here. :)

At 9:26 PM , Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

Sounds as if you and Charles have really been working and rearranging stuff to get read for your company.
I hope your plans for a family reunion come into place too, also.
The shelves look tidy and organized.
Enjoy the weekend!!
Have you ever heard of Freecycle? Just google Freecycle.com and search for one in your area. You can get rid of lots of stuff that way and also find stuff you'd like to have. It is always free on freecycle. I used this to get rid of stuff from my brother's junk room. I just put photos up on freecycle and people emailed me to pick the stuff up. I just arranged to put the stuff just outside the door and I never had to meet anyone face to face.
You just sign up as a member. There is no cost involved. It's worth checking out.

At 11:12 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...


That sounds like a great idea- to donate the mags to a nursing home. Sally ,

LOL- enjoyed all your comments too!

Oh- I have always loved reading and can't remember a time when I wasn't 'into' a book of one kind or another...from about age 12 up. It's always been part of my routine before going to sleep at night!
But I just got to get some order in this house!!!

Jamie Dawn,

Had never heard of 'Freecycle' I may check it out! Thanks!

Thanks, all of you, for your comments!


At 10:14 AM , Blogger Anvilcloud said...

We made a big move a few years ago. We tossed a lot but still kept and moved too much. We still haven't learned; we're in a smaller place, and things keep coming in but nothing much seems to leave.

At 10:18 AM , Blogger Joy Des Jardins said...

Your bookshelves look great Junie. what a job, huh? Not long ago I did the same thing. I had bags and bags of books that I donated to the Salvation Army...after my kids went through them. They were mostly my husband's paperback books.

Have a great visit with your family...just relax and enjoy them.


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