Junie's Place: Sky Watch Friday (for Sept 4, 2009)

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Sky Watch Friday (for Sept 4, 2009)


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Last week when my husband and I went out riding our motorcycle we saw this water tower in our town.

I always like to photograph them-
especially when the sky looks like this!


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At 11:32 PM , Blogger texasnascarcowgirl said...

I love this shot!! what a wonderful sky and to have the flag in it is even better!

happy SWF

At 11:41 PM , Blogger Regina said...

Great shot Junie.
Happy weekend.

At 11:43 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...


I'm a big fan of our flag so I never miss a chance to photograph it where ever I find it!! :)


At 11:44 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Thanks, Regina!

I'll visit you soon.


At 11:58 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful shot! A water tower, our flag and a beautiful day. What more could you ask for!?!
Oh and thanks for the peanut post too! Now I can't get the Goober Pea song out of my head!
I must have driven my mom crazy with that song as a kid!

At 12:03 AM , Blogger Carletta said...

Would you believe I too posted a water tower for Sky Watch! :)

At 6:47 AM , Blogger Babooshka said...

It's something to do with not having water towers here that peeks my curiosity when I see them. Strangely fascinating.

At 8:36 AM , Blogger Sally said...

Well, goodness, could the sky be more beautiful!! Love it, Junie Rose.

Have a wonderful day!! ((hugs))

At 8:42 AM , Blogger Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Lovely shot. Beautiful blue sky.

At 7:45 PM , Blogger Kilauea Poetry said...

My husband took off on a bike ride by himself last Sunday..this is a neat shot too! That photo of you and your sister is precious..really nice you can do that- always enjoy your blog. Have a great day-

At 9:31 AM , Blogger eileeninmd said...

Cool shot with the neat angle of the tower with the flag.


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