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Monday, January 17, 2011

...and...speaking of Coop...


Last night our daughter Tina invited us down for dinner. She served us a delish meal of 'Blueberry Chicken!'  I had never heard of or imagined blueberries and chicken together but it was very good. We also had some light and flaky thing filled with fresh spinach and Feta cheese- and a dish of some other fresh, steamed veggies.

For dessert we had fresh strawberries and blueberries with angel food cake- topped with low cal cool whip!
(but I forgot to get a pic!  :)    )

WOW! Weight Watcher recipes have come a long way, Baby!! Everything was super good! Thanks, Tina!

'Coop' wanted to show off his new shirt but I couldn't get that little guy to be still long enough for a real good picture!... What it says is..."Mommy's Spoiled Boy"...


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At 3:12 PM , Blogger Donna said...

Never heard of it Either! Sounds Good I think!Hahaa
I guess you could also add lemon...hummmm...might have to test this out!

At 8:39 PM , Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Hoodathunkit? They're good and good for you, but hoodathunkit.

At 6:17 PM , Blogger Carletta said...

I don't associate those together either and Weight Watchers receipes? Sounds delicious.
I think that looks like the rolls I buy at the store where you just warm in the oven - to die for!


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