Junie's Place: Camera Critters~ Aug 13, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Camera Critters~ Aug 13, 2011


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A few days ago we visited our pasture where we have a few cows.  They like the shade in this hot weather!

You often see this in a cow pasture...
Hey! It's all part of the plan!


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At 12:46 AM , Blogger Carletta said...

You are too funny Junie!!

At 5:12 AM , Blogger Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Very good and nice photos of cows and about the last one... ha, ha, ha...


At 8:09 AM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

hahaha-Thanks, you two!

I know that's pretty gross but all part of farm life.



I don't think anyone else has posted a picture of these bugs at work before-at least not on the blogs I follow! :)

At 9:20 AM , Blogger Donna said...

Love these!
Love your new header too Junie!
Are those dung beetles?? Cool!

At 9:28 AM , Blogger Anvilcloud said...

You never know what's coming next when you click on a blog. :)

At 9:45 AM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...


-especially on Junie's blog, ehh!!

I just wanna keep you guys informed about my life! :)

At 9:46 AM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...


Yep-they are dung beetles.

At 1:12 PM , Blogger Skye said...

Lovely, Junie!! :D :D
I have to say, though... the smell of cow dung is a very happy thing to me, as there's a dairy farm just down the lane from my family in England, and we would always smell the cow pies when we went walking! :D

Thanks so much for keeping us informed about your life! Tee hee! :D

At 1:24 PM , Blogger Skye said...

P.S. I love the lily at the top of your page! :)

At 2:16 PM , Blogger Sally said...

hmmmm, not so bad I guess if you don't step in it! LOL

Great new header, Junie. I like it!!


At 6:50 AM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

:) I just ride thru on the golf cart!

glad you like the header. I love doing the headers on 'Photobucket.' Have you ever tried Photobucket? It's a free picture program.

At 7:21 PM , Blogger PEA said...

Ewwww, ewwwww and ewwwww! lol The dung doesn't bother me half as much as the beetles do! lol You know me and bugs, ugh!!!!

Love the cow pictures, though, they seem quite content in the shade:-) xoxo


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