Junie's Place: 1985~ a Christmas memory- (Face Book post)

Saturday, December 03, 2011

1985~ a Christmas memory- (Face Book post)

  (from my FaceBook page)

I was told that it's 80s week!!! Change your profile pic to one taken in the 1980s (if you want to). I did.

LOL-OK-I'll do this for a couple days!

This was me in the 80's- in my most fun role in life-so far!!

This pic was 1985-with my first 2 'grands,' Dan and Brian!' These 2 guys are what started the whole adventure of being 'Ginga!'
(or grandma for most ppl!) They were sooo precious...but not any more so than my others who came later- grandson, Zach and granddaughter, Allison! And- lucky me...in about 6 mo. I will have another grandchild; after 21 years! How's that for starting over!! :)

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At 9:12 AM , Anonymous momma said...

What an exciting event to look forward to. You are going to love it Junie

At 9:17 AM , Blogger Sally said...

Awww, sweet photo! I know you're all so excited for six months to hurry up and get here!!



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