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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Cara Mia ~ a different kind of Thanksgiving meal for me!


We had our traditional kind of Thanksgiving meal at home on Sunday before Tina, Alli and I left for our NY trip on Tuesday. Our turkey, and all the rest, turned out just about perfect!  So no one was cheated out of our usual holiday meal! (and I didn't feel guilty)

In NY we had a different kind of  Thanksgiving dinner...We ate at this Italian restaurant!.  Not sure exactly what I had but it was a really yummy pasta dish.

Alli was the one with the camera that night and she only made pictures of the people!  :)

Robyn and Ken  are from our town and they just happened to be on a trip to NY  over Thanksgiving , too!

Tina and Robyn went through nursing school together and Alli, at age 4, was the flower girl in Robyn and Ken's wedding! :) 
  ( Now that little girl ~ our Alli ~ is in nursing school, herself; following in her mom's footsteps! ) 

...Anyway, the funny thing about meeting up with these friends was like this... Tina and Robyn had, by chance, run into each other while working in the hospital recently...and the plans for  both the trips had been mentioned. Robyn thought it would be fun to meet-up and pretend ( with Ken) that it was not a prearranged plan when we all  turned up there at Cara Mia!  (so far away from our homes here in Ocala)   :)  It turned out to be a fun couple of  hours over an excellent dinner.
Surprise! Surprise, Ken!!  :)

By the time we walked the few blocks back to our hotel I was ready to call it a day! It had been a long and full one- having done the parade watching and also going to Central Park (and who knows what all else?) and then going to dinner!
Tina and Alli, though, went out for more exploring of the Big Apple!!

I slept well that night!!


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At 10:45 PM , Anonymous momma said...

Oh to be young huh Junie!!

At 10:52 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

:) Yes!! I'm going in the other direction- much too quickly!!

...But I'm amazed that I was able to keep up as well as I did...We did a LOT of walking!!

At 11:42 PM , Blogger Skye said...

I think you did really well keeping up, Junie! :)


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