Junie's Place: A walk through Midtown...SO MUCH TO SEE!!

Friday, December 02, 2011

A walk through Midtown...SO MUCH TO SEE!!


Some more of the sights on our 'Must See' list!
  • Empire State Building
  • Penn Station
  • Hotel Pennsylvania
  • B B King
  • Macy's
  • Madison Square Garden

    • ... And the 3 of us with other misc. street scenes

    We spent time in Macy's and Penn Station...the others we just  got an outside  view!

    (wish I could have seen a "WHO" concert in MSG) ;(

     We wanted to be able to go to the top of 'Empire,' but we ran out of time!  :(

     Oh, well, maybe next time!  :) I'm sure there will be a next time for my girls but probably not for me!

    ...But I DO have a picture from the top from my 1982 visit!  Look closely and you can see the twin towers.


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