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Saturday, September 26, 2009

My grands are here

Well-actually they are not here at the moment...but here-there and everywhere is more accurate!

Alli and Zach drove up from Orlando. Alli (as most of you know) is in college there-and Zach lives there too! They drove up together for today and tomorrow. Alli and Zach are my 2 youngest grand kids (as most of you know) and cousins to each other. Alli's brothers, Dan and Brian,have been around today also.

All of this is pleasing to this old grand mother-or 'Ginga' as it is in this case!

Tina got off early and she Alli and Zach have gone out to shop and eat out , probably. The other boys and 2 friends of Dan- and Charles- have gone for some target practice at the shooting range....

This leaves me here doing my thing! :)...actually I have had limited time on the computer with all the folks around ... and all the other things that have been going on the past few days! It's relaxing to be able to sit here and just do my rambling posts...of nonsense and trivia. :) No one reads it anyway-haha- so I'm safe in doing so!

Tomorrow Tammy and Terry will be up also- and we'll have some sort of cook out- or something-Not quite sure just yet-LOL- Don't worry-I'll pull it off!...Have to get a cake and ice cream too- in celebration of my son's birthday just passed- and Tammy's birthday, which is Oct 1st!

OK- Here are some pics from today of my 'KIDS!' Lol- yah- that term really doesn't fit any more, I know- except with me!

This living rm. they are in- this whole house- has seen a lot of years of activity with these 4 kids!

'Lucy' is the big star these days!

My grand kids:


My Kitty:




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At 8:30 AM , Blogger Donna said...

Well I READ IT!!!Hahaaa....Great Babies Ginga!!!hughugs


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