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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Moth info for Donna

This is a re-post for Donna...as she had a moth sighting of one that looks similar to one I had posted about in the past. She was asking for info on it so I thought I'd put this on again.

I had seen another moth like this before - except the color was different.
(it was gold-not green)
After seeing this second one I did some searching and found info on these moths.

Donna - I think our moths have to be related-although they are not identical.

Interesting critters-don't you agree?

(Visit Donna here)


Friday, August 29, 2008

About Moths!

While looking at the Sky Watch Friday posts I usually will scroll down and look at other posts of each new blog I visit. I figure I will like other things they post if I like their Sky pics! :)

I got a cool surprise when I checked out this post !

I was surprised because, at first glance, I thought this very flashy moth on this site was the same as the ones I had encountered here at our place and had posted about in the past. After looking closer and then comparing it to mine I realized they are not the same. However, both are an impressive sight to see! IMO

The moth (in my world) is this one! Pandora Sphinx

( scroll down the list to find it on this link )

I have written about this moth and posted some pics a couple times previously.

Just a few days ago I found another of these moths in my garage. (Dead) I made some photos of it the day I found it, but left it there.

Today, after seeing the similar moth at this other website, my interest was once again renewed and I bagged the moth for safe keeping! :)

( I collect little things of nature!)

I photographed it again to show the size.

(Sorry this picture is blurred, but you can see the size of this moth!)

Isn't it cool? :)

I think so!


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