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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!



This is a picture that goes back a long way. This was New Years Eve, 1968!
Charles had to work that night and his shift ended at 11:00 P.M.-giving him just enough time to get home and welcome in the new year with me!

As I remember, his friend and riding partner came with him and the 3 of us celebrated. :)

Tonight-I doubt if we will even be up to see the NEW YEAR!

:) We've learned it will come without our help!


In the part of the south where my husband grew up it was - and still IS - customary to have Blackeyed Peas, cooked with Hog Jowl, for the New Years Day meal! This is to bring good luck in the coming year!

~~~Hey-it works for us!~~~

We usually have a 'mess' of cooked collards or turnips or other greens and cornbread to go along with this!

I leave all this for my husband to do...He makes excellent cornbread! (I like to crumble it into a glass of cold buttermilk and eat it with a spoon!) We sometimes have ham or grilled chops, too... but maybe just hotdogs and sausages this time! It's sort of just left dangling this time. (our holiday meal-plan)
We'll see!

Anyway~ the new year's almost here!

Hope it will be a good one for all!


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At 6:24 PM , Blogger MrsDoF said...

Your comment about cornbread in a glass with buttermilk reminded me of something.
My second try at college was in east Tennessee, where cornbread seemed to be on every table. The first time I saw a guy eating it from a glass with milk, I thought it was very, very odd. It turned out that almost everybody ate it that way.

I like fruit pie--cherry and peach being my favorites.
I decided that I could put a piece of cherry pie in a bowl and pour milk over it, just like I had seen everybody doing with cornbread in a glass.

For some reason, it was not at all appreciated. Many groans around the table. I learned to keep my treat at home, out of sight of anybody who wasn't family.

I still like my cornbread with butter and honey and a fork--like it is cake on a plate.

To each their own. I'll bet your mister's being baked in an iron skillet like that is quite tasty.

Happy New Year!
~~love and Huggs, Diane

At 6:35 PM , Blogger JunieRose said...

Hi Diane,

Oh, Yah! Cornbread cooked in an iron skillet is great-and my husband has perfected it over these many years! :)

He uses buttermilk in making the cornbread.

:) I never thought to eat pie with milk- but I bet it's good that way! ...and - why not- folks don't think it strange to top it with ice cream! :)

Speaking of ice cream- I like to pour milk over mine...it makes it much better. It's like an old fashioned milk shake.

Here's something a little strange, I guess, but I like it! :) I like fresh blueberries with buttermilk poured over them- or topped with sour cream! :)

lol- ok- enough of my strange secrets! hahaha

Happy New Year!



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