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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Poem: The Words We Say~~Poem: My Nights Are Long And Lonely

The Words We Say

The words we say-
tangled with emotions…
like string balls kittens play with!

June Kellum
June 2004


My Nights Are Long

My nights are long and lonely.
So many thoughts invading.
Rendering nil and useless,
my feeble stabs at sleep.

Thoughts scuttling, to and fro,
of all the words we’ve spoken…
yet, many more left dangling
- unborn - or buried deep.

Past phrases leap and frolic.
Unanswered questions linger.
Meanings lost in limbo,
the two of us have found.

Be still! My weary soul
is needing rest and solace.
Still, endlessly, the memories
continue swirling ‘round!

At last- sleep is descending,
so deep that dreams can‘t follow.
And for the moment resting
- the puzzle - ‘You and Me.’

This welcomed rest I covet,
embrace it, seek to hold it!
For these fleeting hours…
I know that I am free.

June Kellum



At 10:52 AM , Blogger Carolyn said...

Yes! Sleep! It is a release :)

At 11:10 AM , Blogger mreddie said...

On the rare occasion that sleep comes slow and the thoughts race, the simple act of getting up and writing them down enables me to go right to sleep. Then in the morning, the things that were so disturbing the night before have lost most of their sting. ec

At 12:02 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Thanks ,Carolyn and Mreddie,

Things always look darker at night!

:) and -lucky for me- we have more sunshiny days than gloomy ones!


At 2:44 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

"Things always look darker at night!"

LOL! Can't believe I typed those words!!

( yah-nights are darker-days are brighter! duh! Junie! )

WELL....I meant DARKER in every sense of the word! :)

At 9:57 PM , Blogger Merle said...

June ~ Another great poem. Things always look darker at night
but sleep renews our spirit.
Thanks for your words ~ I also like the last bit about Today is a gift, that's why it is called the present. Lucky Kenju has a
plaque with it on. I print a lot of your poems, hope that is OK.

At 10:06 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...


I'm happy you enjoy my poems and want to print them- Lol- just so they have my name attached!

Hope you're having a good night - or DAY-:) I am!


At 2:22 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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