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Saturday, September 05, 2009

New dolls

Here are some dolls I bought today!

Aren't they pretty!! :)

I loved the little baby doll. This Seymour Mann collector doll is almost life size and very realistic. She came with the high chair for display, also!


I'm always drawn to any doll that is dressed in holiday Attire and this little girl holding a Christmas Carol book and singing and dressed in her fur trimmed cape caught my eye right away! She will be a perfect addition for my Christmas displays!

...Then there's this beautiful lady doll...


The way all this came about was like this...

Yesterday I got an email from a niece, telling me that her long time friend who lives in Altamont Springs (Orlando) was having a garage sale this weekend. My niece, Evie, remembered that I collect dolls and knew I'd be interested in this opportunity to see these.

Oh! Yes!! :) You ALL know how I love dolls!

Charles agreed we could ride down and check them out.

These dolls were part of the collection of Evie's friend's mother who had passed away about a year ago. I had met my niece's friend just once, but it was many years past. She was such a nice lady to talk with ...was pleased to let some of her mom's dolls go to someone who would appreciate them and take care of them.

I had decided on the baby and the little Christmas girl...but I really was also attracted to the beautiful lady doll. The colors were perfect for my living room, as my couches in there are rose colored.

Cathie insisted on giving me this one, too. She said,"This is for my mom!" :)
Of course I will enjoy having this pretty lady in my living room!


We got to see our granddaughter too, as we were not far from her college. Alli met us for lunch. She suggested this BBQ place! The food was very good and the place was decorated in a fun way; lots and lots of pigs! :)

A few pics:

It was a very nice day for us!

Hope you've all had a good one.


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At 10:25 PM , Blogger Mountain Mama said...

The new dolls are so pretty. I especially like the Lady in pink! So gorgeous. I have a small collection of dolls but need to get rid of many of them. It's just so hard to decide which ones to let go! I think my grand and great granddaughters would like them.

At 9:30 AM , Blogger Skye said...

How lovely for you, Junie! Those dolls are just beautiful. The lady doll (isn't her dress gorgeous?!) looks like you when you were younger! Can you see it? Glad you had such a nice day and got to see Alli too! :)

At 6:25 PM , Blogger PEA said...

I can well imagine how much your eyes lit up when you saw those dolls:-) They truly are beautiful and have certainly found the perfect home with you. Glad you were able to meet Alli for lunch as well, I so loved seeing all the pictures. xoxo


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