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Friday, May 06, 2011

Had a good one!


I had a good birthday, with some of my family! Wish it could have been everyone but will see some of the others on Mother's Day!

~Gifts from Charles~

 Charles and I met our daughter, Tina and 2 of our 'Grands' at Red Lobster for another yummy dinner. Later we  all gathered at our house for cup cakes and ice cream and coffee and opening of my cards and presents!
Chris and Joy joined us there.
(I had opened their gifts the night before) 

I got lots of cool gifts from everyone- Thanks, guys!

(Random pictures to follow)
June, Charles, Tina, Dan, Alli, Chris, Joy

LOL-OK-Now that I'm the big '70' .....maybe I can do that commercial of the lady saying....
"I'm 70 years old...can you believe it?"

I always have to giggle when I see that because....I wonder... what does she think...that people see her as 30 something??

  Let's face it folks...we all get old
(If we're lucky)
and-although you may look good for your age...lol 
(don't you love that term?)
you still will never look decades younger than you actually are.

Get over it!

The main thing is in being able to enjoy who you are at whatever age you reach!
I'm trying to do just that.

Be happy!

Also-thanks to all my blog friends and FB friends for the many birthday wishes given to me...much appreciated!  :)


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At 11:31 AM , Anonymous momma/mary said...

Amen to the get over it remark! In my 76th year I find joy in smiling at strangers. To be able to speak to people without being threatening to them. To seeing parents with their youngsters and knowing some of the joys and pain they will endure before they reach my age. When you wake up and put those two old feet on the floor know you are blessed with another day of happiness!

At 2:26 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Thanks, Mary. You're an inspiration to me. I constantly strive for the positive outlook you always display!

Hope you have a joyful Mother's Day !

Your friend,



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