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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy Birthday, Tam !

Happy Birthday, Tam!

As planned, today we went to Orlando for a birthday luncheon for our daughter Tammy!
As it turned out, we were a very small group today!
(lol- well...in numbers, that is!) It was just the 4 of us...Tammy, Terry, Gabbo and Ginga.

Tina didn't feel up to the trip, and , of course, Alli wanted to stay with her mom.
Tammy's son (my grandson, Zach,) was in a job training session today so he couldn't be there either.

Terry did the food and as always everything was delicious!

And the house was spruced up and looking very cool- as always- with scented candles burning all over- which I love! Tam is a designer and has some really unusual ideas in decorating. I always am amazed at how she selects her home decor accessories and ties them all together in such interesting ways! Anything old or unique catches her eye and she finds ways to use it!

~~This is where Tammy works as head designer and part owner of the co.~~

...To spotlight a few things...

~Dried flowers, hung upside-down, make an interesting valance for the kitchen window! I love this and have started doing it at my house, too! :)

~ A shelf made from flea market finds- left as-is with original flaking paint!

~Bleached animal skulls (Pig-or goat) found at our farm- ( clorox and sun bleached) She likes the forms and lines of these things! ( She's a very artsy type girl!)

~A table made from an old iron stove base-and the top of broken glass pieces! (made by Tam and Terry)
Oh! And the fruit bowl is a gourd bowl~by Ginga.

~ And a few other art objects around Tam's house~~

The house they have is a small bungalow type (OLD- 1930's maybe-I am not sure) Terry redid the hardwood floors and recently re- tiled the kitchen. It has an old fashioned front porch which is very nice to use in cooler weather! They love this house and it is just right for them and Zach!

Oh! And Mittens! :)

This is Mittens~ a sleepy ball of black & white fur here!
OOOPS! I think I made him mad at me!

What a handsome boy he is!!


(Junie Rose)

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At 9:06 AM , Blogger Hootin'Anni said...

Mittens is a sweetie. I love the dried flower valance idea. My favorite mixture of dried flowers is geranium and roses! Wow what a very appealing scent for me. Looks like a fantastic party celebration.

Beatles? No I don't care for many of their songs. I DO like It's been a hard day's night...and Hey Jude. That's about all tho...I think they were over-exposed when I was growing up.

Thanks for the visit. Yep, the ablation is quite easy and non-invasive surgery. Get 'er done...and get out, heal much more quickly. Tho it'll still take some time getting back to normal, at least there are no huge chest cuts/or wounds to get stitches!!

At 11:47 AM , Anonymous momma said...

Happy Birthday to your Tammy. I found the Decor to be quite interesting and I loved your gourd bowl!

At 2:11 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Anni,

First off- thanks for coming and looking at all my pictures and reading my rambling posts! :)
( my posts are never planned-and are truly a journal of my everyday life)

We did enjoy the birthday visit with Tammy- tho, the passing years leave me a little sad.-:) when your babies are getting middle aged it makes you realize hoe old you are getting...

As for Beatles...in their day, early 60's -I was busy being a mom and paid little attention to music.
...and my husband liked only country music so that is mostly what we listened to! LOL- Of course I knew OF the Beatles- just didn't follow the music scene much.

The past couple years is when I have gotten into Beatles...and most of the other music that I mention on here, from time to time. I was on a music forum message board and
got to know a couple ppl- and a whole lot of new music! :) It's been a lot of fun for me- here in my POST granny years. (my 4 grandkids are grown now)

I DO like The Beatles but am not a Beatles Fanatic as some are.

Really glad things went well for you, Anni.


At 2:14 PM , Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Mary (Momma)

Thanks for the greeting.

Yes- Tam has some cool ideas.

I had fun with the gourd work a few years ago but haven't done much in a long while now. More of my gourds are scattered thru this blog-also on my crafts and collectables blog on side bar- if yer interested .



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