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Monday, March 24, 2014

New Poem !

New Poem at ~

 "Just Poems From June"

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Drake on March 16, 2014

I want to share this recent picture of our little guy, Drake!

We had a birthday party for our oldest grandson, Daniel, last week-end... and guess who was the center of attention!!  :)  His shirt says it all!!

We all had a great time!


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Throw Back Thursday-from FB

"Throw Back Thursday"

This is me with my teen-age girls, in 1978.

  • Joy Marshall awww, look at Tina's cute face!!
  • June Kellum LOL-I wish I could remember what we were all talking about in this . The girls were about ages 14 and 15...so... typical teenagers...Tina was probably not wanting to get a picture made!  I would have been about 37- Jeesh!!!-already OLD!!

Update on the old folks!


We just got back from the appointment at the Skin Cancer treatment place. The procedure is never a big deal, as far as time spent or even pain endured; the main thing is-will they get it all! They say they did!! They had to take skin from the other side of his face for a skin graft for the ear that was cut on! And the bad thing for C. is that he won't be able to do anything for a few days-nor take a shower or get that area wet for a week! Another thing that will be hard for him is trying to sleep with bandages on both sides of his face...because he has to sleep with a sleep app mask on his face!
All in all, though, GOOD-yes??

While we were over that way (about an hour's drive from home) we decided to go to Stumpknocker's at Inverness for a late lunch! (again!!) It was good, but we agreed we might want to lay off those places for awhile. LOL-We've had a LOT of catfish meals in the past month! It IS good, though!

We spent a little time also in an antique shop around the corner from the restaurant. Neat stuff in there! Charles bought me a couple of little elves from 1955! Cute little guys to go with 3 that I already have!

Anyway, just wanted to update on Charles for all the family and friends who were concerned! All seems good at this point!


Monday, March 03, 2014


Yesterday Charles and I went out for an early dinner to

 Stumpknockers by the River in Hernando. This is about 40 miles

from our place, but ,oh, so worth the drive! It's the best

 Catfish restaurant that we have found in our area!

(this restaurant and the other Stumpknockers on the Square, in Inverness...an additional 10 or more miles..)

 They are family owned restaurants and with the same menu.

 Both places are a pleasure to visit -very charming setting and great food!

We both enjoyed it a lot!


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